What Does Texas AHEC East Do?

Facilitating Community-based Student Education & Service-Learning

Texas AHEC East advocates community-based student education (CBSE) for health professions students, with an emphasis on primary care and underserved populations.  Our efforts to facilitate the health profession student’s training process also encourages student participation in providing service to the community (service-learning) and to instill in the student a desire upon graduation to return to a community setting to practice. Emphasis is directed toward learning experiences with multidisciplinary healthcare teams in underserved communities. 

Setting the Health Career Pipeline in Motion

two students writing on a stack of hot jobs magazinesWe introduce very young students to the image of the health professional and their health-related tasks to set in motion the appeal of a health career. We offer continual stimulus and support to the middle and high school student to foster knowledge of available multi-disciplined health career choices and enhance their opportunity to train to become their community’s health professional.  

K-12 Students and Teachers/Parents/Counselors of K-12 Students

We help young people, teachers and counselors gain access to health career information to promote education that encourages individuals to become their community’s health professionals.

health professions students outside of a clinicEnrollment in multi-contact enrichment programs, such as Summer Camps, Mentoring Programs, and Medical Explorer Posts, improve a student’s competitive edge for admission into a health professions education program.

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Just A Few of our HCPP Activities

AHEC staff will come to your school or organization to deliver a presentation on health careers at no cost.
Health Careers Summer Camp
Scholarship/Financial Aid Information
After School Programs
Career Fairs
College and Technical School Information
Field Trips

Recruiting, Training and Retaining the Health Professions Workforce

Our Professional Education and Support program works diligently to enhance and support the ability of the healthcare provider in a rural or medically underserved area to set up practice and to continue practicing in those areas.  


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