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Community-based Education and Training

Texas AHECStudents East supports community-based education and training (CBET) for health professions students, with an emphasis on providing primary care services  for underserved populations.  By facilitating health profession students’ clinical training and encouraging them to provide service to the community (service-learning),  AHEC hopes to instill in the student a desire to return to a community setting to practice after graduation. AHECs place students in learning experiences with interprofessional healthcare teams in underserved communities.​​
Recruiting and Maintaining Training Sites
doc and staffWe recruit and maintain training sites where clinicians (physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners) volunteer to teach medical and other health profession students in an outpatient community setting. We make site visits, assess practices, and assist health professionals in their introduction and commitment to teaching and evaluating students.
During the past year we
  • recruited and/or maintained 164 community-based training sites and a pool of community faculty, primarily physicians, for student clinical training
  • placed 501 health professions students, from 33 campus partners, in 14 disciplines; over 40% in underserved or rural areas
  • worked closely with sites in underserved areas, enhancing their ability to provide health care while being sensitive to limited staff resources in vulnerable practices
  • included service-learning projects as part of the training in approximately 12% of the community sites

Students and preceptors are encouraged to develop a service learning project that responds to concerns identified by the community. Through this process, students experience the connection between service, academic coursework, and their roles as citizens of that community.

Student Support
Texas AHEC East orients the student to the community and training site and acts as liaison between school, preceptor and student. Upon request, AHEC staff will assist the student in identifying affordable housing during the training period. Students are encouraged to learn about the community and review job opportunities that exist in the region.

Want to Help?
We welcome inquiries from all clinicians who are interested in teaching students in their community.
Let us know if you are interested in providing housing accommodations for CBSE students training in your area.

Check out our regional calendars to see what is going on in a region nearest you.


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 These activities are funded in part by is USDHHS/HRSA/BHPGrantU77HP01066