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Community Health and Development

Helping communities evaluate their health workforce needs and offering strategies to overcome obstacles to healthcare with an emphasis on prevention…
Health Literacy and Consumer Information   Community Health Systems Improvement
Rural isolation and limited access to health care can negatively affect residents’ well-being. Learning about prevention and treatment programs can lead to a new awareness and voluntary adoption of healthier behaviors.

  • We disseminate articles and editorials through media sites and schedule community events to promote programs addressing community health issues such as diabetes, fitness, oral health, domestic violence, teen pregnancy prevention, mental health first aid, tobacco cessation, cancer awareness, substance abuse, child and adolescent health, injury prevention, nutrition and healthy eating.
  • We help individuals seeking health care coverage with access to the health insurance marketplace and can help prepare coastal populations to plan for and survive hurricanes.
  •  We wholeheartedly advocate the value of the Community Health Worker (CHW) and offer CHW training, collaboration, and continuing education.   A recent CHW project was extremely successful in educating children and families about nutrition, exercise, food and eating habits, and in engaging the larger community in recognizing and adopting practices that encourage healthier lifestyles. The CHW, who develops a trusting, one-on-one relationship with community members, can help to improve health care cultural competence and encourage better self-care.
We facilitate community evaluation, discussion, and decision-making processes addressing access to primary health care.

These latest projects are examples of what could evolve from a Community – Texas AHEC East connection:

  • We have successfully implemented an evidence-based intervention project, through a community coordinated approach, to reduce hospitalizations and/or hospital charges among adult county residents for bacterial pneumonia, congestive heart failure, angina and diabetes.
  • We collaborated with county-based organizations to maintain and coordinate activities for a Care Van, resulting in direct access to health, dental and related services and information for residents of 11 East Texas counties.
  • Through a Texas Healthy Adolescent initiative, we provided outreach to rural youth to become involved in community organizations. Youth and adults worked together to provide education on ATV safe riding habits through presentations at schools and in the community. The incidence of ATV related injury/fatality has since decreased in the region.
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