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Health Careers Promotion & Preparation (HCPP)

Promoting Health Careers
AHEC encourages young people, college students and career-changing adults to consider training for rewarding and in-demand health care careers. Promoting health careers and preparing students for advanced learning improves the likelihood that they will become the next generation of health professionals in their communities. These initiatives are predominately for underserved populations.

AHEC staff share with pre-K and elementary students what health professionals do and how appealing a health career can be. Information, guidance and encouragement are provided to middle and high school students, college students and career changing adults through multi-encounter activities that encourage, mentor, and support those who choose to pursue a health career.

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Pre-K and Elementary School Program

  • Age-appropriate classroom presentations and resources for teachers

Middle School Program

  • Comprehensive classroom presentations
  • Distribute “Hot Jobs” —a health career catalog and interactive online resource
  • Explore duties of health professionals such as, “What do pharmacists do?”
  • Explain disease prevention practices & public health
  • Describe the responsibilities, required training and rewards of being a health professional


High School Program

  • Curriculum-based classroom or after-school presentations & activities that expand the middle school program and often include presentations from health professionals or instructors at local colleges or health profession schools
  • Multi-day health career camps (some residential) with science activities, in-depth career exploration activities, practical advice and information on choosing schools and financing an education,  and shadowing and mentoring opportunities
  • Additional services for students in underserved and rural areas to enhance their ability to apply for and be accepted to college, including career aptitude and interest tests, help completing applications, improving communication and computer skills, and exploring educational opportunities for advancement

College Program

  • Personalized services for college students to help them apply for and be accepted into specific health career training programs including career aptitude and interest tests, help completing applications, improving communication and computer skills, and exploring educational options
Career-Changing Adult

  • We provide similar assistance and individual consultation for adults who are considering pursuing a new career in health care.

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These activities are funded in part by is USDHHS/HRSA/BHWGrant U77HP01066